What for:

1. Opportunities for growth in production/sales of products

2. Russian companies looking forward to entering new markets

3. Russian companies developing a new product to assess its competitiveness

4. Export support institutions (export support centres and other organizations),

5. Foreign companies considering the Russian market to sell their products


What questions will you get an answer to:

1. What obstacles will you overcome?

2. Prioritizing markets and their segments: where to start?

3. What is the market potential for the product to be sold in terms of compliance?

4. What marketing actions must be taken to be successful in the market (policy products, pricing, work using sales channels, advertising, etc.)?

5. Expected sales volume and profits margin.



From 60 calendar days.

Recently completed projects:

World market of high-tech analytical equipment

Market of wooden educational toys in the countries of the European Union Market of energy storage devices in B2B and B2G segments of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation Russian market of high-tech medical equipment

Мировое исследование рынка ренгенофлуэресцентного оборудования для ГОК Маркетинговое исследование рынка Европы Исследование рынка Узбекистана накопителей энергии Исследование рынка российских медицинских изделий

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