What for:

1. Russian companies that are ready to travel to the country

2. Russian companies that wish to invite foreign partners for negotiations to their site

3. Foreign companies that are interested in cooperation with Russian businesses

4. Export support institutions (export support centres and other organizations),

5. Business mission organizers looking for partners for business missions in Russia and abroad


What questions will you get an answer to:

1. What are the products for sale on the territory of a foreign state?

2. What are the opportunities of negotiating at your sites?

3. What are the requirements of foreign partners regarding products and work schemes?

4. How does your foreign market function?

5. What are the main differences of doing business and building communications?



From 45 calendar days.

Recently completed projects:

Organization of a reverse business mission in the Vladimir region from Serbia Organization of a business mission for SMEs of the Oryol region in Uzbekistan

Сербия реверсная бизнес-миссия Подбор партнеров для производства полиэтилена

News on the website of the export support center

News on the website of the export support center

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