What for:

1. Export access (new products, geographic markets, etc.)

2. Improving the efficiency of work in the markets of specific foreign countries

3. Russian companies, export strategy of import substitution in the domestic market

4. Russian and foreign companies.

5. Foreign companies that are considering entering the Russian market

What questions will you get an answer to:

1. What are the most promising markets in export destinations?

2. Who can become your partner in the foreign market?

3. What product parameters (in terms of quality, price, delivery terms, and so on) are important for successful export?

4. How effectively do you carry out purchasing activities for imported goods and raw materials/components?

5. What types of import-substituting products are currently produced?


 From 20 calendar days.

Recently completed projects:

Market of wooden educational toys in the countries of the European Union Market of energy storage devices in B2B and B2G segments of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation Russian market of high-tech medical equipment

Маркетинговое исследование рынка Европы Исследование рынка Узбекистана накопителей энергии Исследование рынка российских медицинских изделий

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